Devices and Barricades

Vertical Panels

Premier Panel™ 40000 Series

  • Premier Panel is an all plastic and rubber vertical panel barricade that is designed to take repeated impacts with little or no damage to the Premier Panel or to the impacting vehicle.
  • TrafFix Premier Vertical Panel is designed with a convenient handle which allows for easy movement and placement of the Premier Panel.
  • The Premier Panel accepts all standard and “D” cell Barricade
  • Lights and stacks for easy storage and transport.

Traffic Drums

Tire rings available separately.

  • Drum is a minimum of 18″ wide throughout its 36″ height, regardless of orientation
  • Tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage
  • Drum and base remain “snapped together” until impacted or separated for transportation and storage
  • Gentle curves throughout drum eliminate sharp edges or corners that crack and break when impacted
  • Built-in carrying and dragging handle
  • Two mounting holes for optional barricade lights
  • Bright orange color molded throughout drum – UV inhibitors minimize fading
  • NTPEP tested-meets or exceeds MUTCD specifications

HSP Barricades

Type 1 Barricade

  • Used to alert drivers of construction, maintenance, and utility operations.
  • Durable construction featuring interchangeable components.
  • 14 guage galvanized angle iron legs.
  • 8 inch retroreflective top panel
  • 6 inch painted bottom panel.
  • Open hinge hole for mounting a barricade light.
  • NCHRP 350 approved (WZ-85/WZ-144) and meets MUTCD Standards.
  • Dimensions: 45″ high x 24″ wide

Traffix Grabber Tube II

  • Bright red orange color molded throughout
  • UV inhibitors to minimize fading
  • Grabber Handle fits your hand better and makes movement and placement a breeze
  • Bases will not crush when run over
  • Meets Federal MUTCD standards
  • Available with various size and types of reflective sheeting
  • Three (3) recessed sheeting areas to help protect the reflective bands from tearing and scratching
  • Grabber Hole in the stem provides convenient carrying handle for movement and deployment, even off the bed of a work truck

Airport Barricades

The Aerocade® complies with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2F requirements.

• Barricade available in orange or white.
• Reflective sheeting for improved visibility.
• Can be accessorized with lights and flags.
• Stackable for efficient transportation and storage.
• Light-weight system eliminates the need for large equipment.
• Jet blast resistant when properly filled with water.
• FOD free
• Collapsible

Water Barriers

  • 32″ Tall by 6′ Long
  • Available in White or Orange
  • 80 lbs Empty and 1110 lbs filled with water.
  • Durable polyethylene plastic minimizes cracking and breaking
  • Molded through holes eliminate bowing when filled with water
  • Double wall knuckle design minimizes breakage at hinge points
  • Hinge design allows for a 30° pivot between sections
  • Large 8″ fill hole speeds filling process, includes twist-lock plastic cap
  • New tamper resistant, corner offset drain plug with coarse buttress thread – screws in or out in only 2 ½ turns
  • Includes one steel connection pin that allows sections to be locked together
  • Forklift/Pallet Jack slots at bottom allow for easy movement and transport
  • Standard colors are orange/red or white – additional colors available upon request

ADA Wall

• Ergonomic handrail provides a comfortable and secure guide through the workzone
• Locations for two (2) Barricade Lights
• Protect pedestrians from workzone hazards
• Four (4) molded-in Stacking lugs for secure transport and storage.
• Two standard colors available: Orange and White
• Custom colors available upon request
• UV inhibitors to minimize fading
• Made of flexible low density polyethylene
• Stackable for easy storage and transportation
• Available with various size and types of relfective sheeting
• Parades/crowd control
• Pedestrian traffic control
• Barricade construction work zones
• Blow Molded connectors provide strength and flexibility
• Linked ADA Walls can be rotated ≈120°

Round Tube Channelizers

3” Round Channelizer Post

  • Made of Highly Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane for High Impact Resistance
  • 360° of Reflective Visibility
  • Stands Up to Extreme Temperatures
  • No Metal Parts to Rust or Seize
  • Ultraviolet Resistant
  • 1-Piece Post Construction
  • Simple Installation
  • NTPEP Tested
  • MUTCD Compliant

Spring Stands

• Easy storage
• Dual coil spring design
• Both pull pin and kick release of legs
• 3 separate height adjustments for uneven terrain
• Bright orange colored legs for extra visibility on curbs and sidewalks
• Outdoor UV powder-coated and zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance
• Approved for roll up signs or rigid signs up to 48 x 60
• Weight 41 lbs / 48 lbs.w/rigid assm.

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